Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Rafa in green hits the green for pro-am Castello Masters Costa Azahar

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PHOTO OP: Rafa in green hits the green for pro-am Castello Masters Costa Azahar

Like any 22-year old who just grabbed the year-end no. 1 ranking (you know those guys) Rafael Nadal, working a pale green Nike polo and matching golf shoes, took time out of his incredibly intense schedule to compete in the pro-am of the Castello Masters Costa Azahar at the Club de Campo del Mediterraneo in Castello, Spain.

He was joined by Spanish golfer (and Martina Hingis ex) Sergio Garcia, who's competing in the pro tourney, and the country's top bull fighter Enrique Ponce.

The sexy Spaniard was asked to compare tennis + golf during this year's Indian Wells tourney:

Difficult to compare, no? But I always say the same. Mentally I think both are very tough, because in golf you can't have any mistake. But in golf you play very good shot you are going go birdie, no?
In tennis you do very good shot and you can lose the point. So I think on golf you play against yourself. In tennis you play little bit against yourself, but especially against opponent, so that's difficult to compare for that reason. I prefer play golf, no, because all the time depends on you, no?

And what are Rafa's strengths in golf?

Depends at the moment. Sometimes the drive. Sometimes the irons.
Something tells me if he puts his mind to it, he might do alright in this sport too...

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  1. Oh, that face...that body...
    Does anyone have a defibrillator handy?

  2. Maybe you just need a shower.

  3. I don't care what you think of his tennis, there's just no denying he has a beautiful smile.

  4. he'd do well in any sort he puts his mind into

  5. Oh that first picture screams "beautiful". Those locks - I can't believe those locks!!! And the smile, and his style......

    Um, what was the post about again?!

  6. What do you mean you prefer to play golf??!? Really?? And deprive us all of your biceps and shots of your incredible ass in tennis shorts??

    Never knew you were so selfish, Rafa.

    Love the 3rd pic. If only he would wear those pants a little lower.

  7. Exactly my thoughts babz - just a littler lower please...
    *tries to make some telekinetic magic*


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