Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: The Madrid master takes dip in ice bath and reveals hidden hotness - who knew?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PHOTO OP: The Madrid master takes dip in ice bath and reveals hidden hotness - who knew?

You'd think after a baller wins a big title like the Madrid Masters that they'd get to celebrate with some late night drinking and late morning sleeping. Nope.

Andy Murray, who defeated Gilles Simon for his second consecutive Masters Series shield this past weekend and is certainly coming into his own, was rewarded with a trip back to Roehampton and a 10 minute dip in a 7 degree ice bath to help remove lactic acid build up in his leg muscles.

The Brit baller begins with a 7 mile slow pedal on a stationary bike. Afterwards, Andy throws on some neoprene socks (which help to make the ice bath more bearable) and takes the plunge.

According to the site,

Once they get out after ten minutes, their legs are bright red, and ice cold to the touch.

The science of it all is that the cold forces the blood vessels to constrict, draining away the blood. Likewise, when they get out, their legs fill up with 'fresh' blood, helping to invigorate the muscles.

Sounds pretty intense Andy but well worth it is since you're turning right around and heading to St. Petersburg.

But question: where have you been hiding that body all this time? I guess it's all those core, stability, and treadmill practices you've been performing lately. No complaints here.

You're officially welcomed into the shirtless brigade Andy!

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  1. Was I the only one who was lusting for him all this time? Oh well, at least he's cut those curls.. He's enabling me to justify my lust. *nods*

    Love the face angle in the last picture.

  2. Again, I can't get past the silly hair-do. "My hair's receding, so I'll just comb it forward and hope nobody notices" hairstyle. Just cut it really short or shave it, man.

    I do love the fact that even with a tan, he's still as white as a sheet.

  3. After cleaning the drool off of my desk from looking at the Verdasco pictures, I REALLY didn't need to see these pix. I agree with Natch, no matter how his body may be developing, I still can't get past that hair.

    Back to hot sauce! Thanks for posting those!

  4. If the sun don't come, you get a tan from standing in the English rain

    Goo goo g'joob

  5. I'm all about his evolution from a spindly scottish boy to a fit and filled out man - and that goes for his game as well.

    but rockin' abs (and a nice back, btw) never hurt anyone!

  6. fernando - yes
    andy murray - no thank you

  7. Ewwwww.... back to Verdasco pics!

  8. I'm sorry but after all the latino hotness (Nando, Rafa, you name it) this just doesn't go for me.

    He's improved, but IMHO he still kinda has that ick factor...

  9. Murray should play wearing kilt and no undergarments, like a true Scotsman should.

  10. OMG - i love that idea. can you imagine if he wore a kilt to play? could that be considered gamesmanship??

  11. Gamesmanship? Maybe just in mixed doubles.


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