Google Down the Line!: Nole confirms plans to buy Dutch Open, most likely to debut in Serbia next May

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nole confirms plans to buy Dutch Open, most likely to debut in Serbia next May

In Madrid, Novak Djokovic confirmed the recent news that his family - more specifically papa Srdjan, uncle Goran, and Nole - are in the process of purchasing the Dutch Open in Amersfoort, where a then 19-year old Nole won his maiden ATP title, and moving it to Serbia.

After his second round win over an injured Victor Hanescu (he retired in the third set), the world no. 3 told the press,

We have bought the licence from them and to have the tournament in Serbia next year is our big goal. We have some administrative work to do in the next few weeks, but we would like to have the tournament in May from next year.
Apparently the tourney lost their title sponsor Krijco, a casino chain, and had been desperately looking for a replacement. In the meantime, the ATP has agreed to the deal in principle and will ratify when it's completed.

Well I have to say this bold move falls completely in line with their history. It couldn't hurt to have a small tourney in Serbia since it's becoming a huge player in the game and could funnel much needed revenue into their development program. I wonder what, if any, conflicts of interest may be involved here besides the obvious one involving Djoko boys actually entering the draw.

And even though Srdjan and Goran will most likely manage the bulk of the administrative aspects, let's hope it doesn't become too much of a distraction to Nole's game.

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  1. i'm just shocked they can afford to buy a whole tournament on nole's earnings! how much does a small tournament like this cost?

  2. Yeah, Andrea, it seems to be the question I'm hearing. How much is this purchase going to cost and is the capital coming directly from Nole's earnings? The family owns a pizza place so it can't be from them but I'm not sure about what the uncle will be contributing.

  3. andrea: i also forgot to mention a reader left a commemt in the original postmentioning pilic may also be involved in the partnership...he's probably got some funds

  4. oh. yeah that makes slightly more sense.


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