Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) JJ website hacked by politically-motivated thugs, "This is our Revenge," says group

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(UPDATED) JJ website hacked by politically-motivated thugs, "This is our Revenge," says group

Jelena Jankovic has become a political pawn - or the butt of a politically driven practical joke.

Serbia's top-ranked lady baller's website was hacked by a group calling themselves Albania & Kosovo Hackers Group last night.

Of course, the tensions between Serbia and Kosovo have been well-documented, and Aussie Open champ Novak Djokovic even made a trip home and a YouTube video earlier this year supporting his homeland and speaking out against the independence movement in the province.

Really, who said sports + politics don't mix?

UPDATE: It seems there's also something funky going on over at Ana Ivanovic's site too. Conspiracy or coincidence?

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  1. Great, you've just given them another platform here.

  2. Heh - and you'd think they'd have something more important to do.. like stalking Rafisca? ;)

  3. Actually, the is also hacked.

  4. LOL..i'm sorry but for some really weird, albeit disturbing reason i find this kinda funny.I can imagine JJ in the WTA penthouse trying to access her site only to find it's been

    Really, between the U.S Elections and world economic chaos, we don't need innocent lil poor tennis players getting mixed up in the


  5. yeah nice going giving them more publicity :rolleyes:

  6. and the group even posted videos on youtube on how they hacked ana and JJ's sites:

    poor girls...

  7. Seriously, what's wrong with those people? Get a job!

  8. anon 1:22 - those videos are crazy!


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