Google Down the Line!: Fed to play Madrid Masters, Academy Award in the mail

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fed to play Madrid Masters, Academy Award in the mail

Madrid Masters' tournament director Manolo Santana confirmed today that Roger Federer will be playing in the Spanish city next week, ending his self-imposed 3-week break.

On October 1st, the Swiss stylist announced he was taking an indefinite break to "to get a proper rest and get strong again so that I am 100% fit for the remainder of the year or next year."

In light of today's news, Fed's announcement now seems a little dramatic and over-the-top. It certainly got the media and fans (myself included) speculating about whether he'd be returning to the game this year or next, his health and level of physical fitness, etc. I suppose he needed to let the Swedes down easy but I dare say it gained him a lot of publicity as well.

"And the Oscar goes to..."

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  1. Ditto what Barcelona2012 said!

    As soon as I saw Stockholm on his schedule, I KNEW there was no way in heaven, hell, purgatory, whatever, that was going down! I'm actually kicking myself for not putting money down on it. Granted, I usually don't have much money anyway, but still ...

  2. van: he's taken longer breaks than this after winning Slams (i'm thinking after one of his Aussie Opens) so the announcement just smells funny. it must be because he wanted to skip stockholm; since he never really pulls out of tourney at the eleventh hour, he went overboard with the explanation.

    anyone have a spare oscar???


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