Google Down the Line!: Fed to play Davis Cup opening round next March - US fans happy, US team sad

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fed to play Davis Cup opening round next March - US fans happy, US team sad

Roger Federer confirmed he will be taking part in the next season's Davis Cup opening round here in the US on his website today:

Dear Fans,

After making it back to the world group for 2009, I have decided to play the first round tie of Davis Cup in the USA in March. I am excited to once again join my fellow Swiss teammates, who I have a great friendship with, and I look forward to what I am sure will be a tough weekend.

All the best,

Yay! This is great news for US fans but probably not the best news for the US team, however. Fed could single-handedly (and I mean that literally) defeat the team even on their home turf.

Oh well - that won't stop me from being there!

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  1. Kinda OT but isn't Fed's body just perfectly built for tennis? He's tall but not too tall, Muscular but not too bulky. His legs are perfection and the way you can see the muscles in his back when he's playing is.....OK I need a cold shower.


  2. To be honest, I think Safin has the perfect shape for tennis. But that is just IMHO. :)

    Of course, I may be biased...

    For all the talk of Fed being haughty and whatev, I really, really like this guy. I wish him all the best. Unless of course when he's playing against Rafa or Murray. :p

    Lucky you Rich!

  3. Where is the tie going to be played? For the first time in many years, I might be interested in seeing a team other than Spain.

  4. Go Andy & USA!

    Think the venue is yet to be decided.

  5. lisa: i had no idea you had the hots for him - you've come out of the fed-loving closet!

    narik: no word yet on the venue

    marys: of course they have a chance but if fed + stan pair up again with doubles, well, let's just say it'll be a long weekend for the US

  6. I hope they play in Southern Cal. That would make it very easy for me to watch this tie and see Roger play for the first time!

  7. "Dear Fans"? Alright Rog, you're not a rock star. LOL

  8. David Young can single-handedly beat the Swiss team!


  9. tennis observer: do you mean donald young?

  10. I hope they play this tie somewhere close to me and by that I mean within a 1000 mile radius because I don't want to miss it! Swoon.

  11. Saw somewhere earlier but can't remember where now that it's down to 3 states,Alabama,San Antonio in Texas & i think N.Carolina,not sure.


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