Google Down the Line!: Fed announces return in Madrid via website, tennis world will sleep well again

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fed announces return in Madrid via website, tennis world will sleep well again

Roger Federer made another official announcement via his website about the news that the US Open champ is returning from his "hiatus" next week in Madrid:

Dear fans

After some rest and physical training, I have decided to play in Madrid next week. I am eager and excited to get back on court after winning my 5th consecutive US Open and the Davis Cup tie last month in Switzerland. I will take it one week at a time to ensure I am fully prepared for 2009.

See you soon

What - no long, drawn out, over-explained reason for his return? Definitely no Oscar for this performance. I can finally sleep again.


(image via AP)


  1. whew! I know I'll sleep better tonight...

  2. b2012: i knew you would! I swear he's taken longer breaks without releasing a statement. am i crazy here?

  3. You're not crazy. And I can guarantee that if he goes out first or second round, we'll hear about the "mono".


  4. Yeah, because HE always blames his losses on mono. French Open? Wimbledon? Simon? Karlovic? Blake? He ALWAYS blamed those losses on mono, huh?
    Give me a break.

  5. You know, Fed's really very good at PR. He never actually says it's mono.. he implies it. And his fans take up the 'Poor Fed' chant and the media is all over it.

    And then he denies ever having said that. That he accords all respect to his opponent...


  6. Maybe he's got hemorrhoids?


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