Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Rafa becomes tennis' latest fickle fashionista, birthday suit and all

Friday, October 24, 2008

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Rafa becomes tennis' latest fickle fashionista, birthday suit and all

After yesterday's press conference for the 2008 Prince of Asturias Awards a dapper Rafael Nadal made his way to the official ceremony, with mom Ana María Parera in tow, at the Hotel Reconquista today.

The sexy Spaniard has become the master of wardrobe changes lately and seemingly handles it all with ease: Rafa in his trademark sleeveless Nike, Rafa in green Nike golf wear, Rafa as Roger Federer, Rafa in his birthday suit!

And, thanks to DtL readers Barcelona2012 + Sonja we have motorcross Rafa from yesterday's press conference:

Phew. I'm completely out of breath just blogging about it - how does he do it?

PS - The hair hasn't been so bad lately either. Some guys have all the luck - double drats!

UPDATE: Here's video of a clearly humbled Rafa accepting the Prince of Asturias Award for Sports today in a totally different outfit. So I guess the suit in the very top image was his "arrival" outfit?

Boy, he's even got Shrieka beat now - geesh.

(images via Getty,, ATP Tennis Blog)


  1. *thud*

    That was me fainting three times.

  2. This is too much. I say it again: HE CANNOT BE SERIOUS.

    I'm sure Rafa was exclusively invented by some woman (apparently Ana Maria Parera) who wanted to create the perfect guy: good-looking, great hair, indescribable body, angel smile, delicate hands, yummy tooshie, and above all a sweet, humble, funny, dorky, smart, caring personality, good manners, a great sense of style, down to earth, friendly and lovable, successful and ambitious, plus amazingly sexy. He's got it all, dammit!!

    And on a side note, the motocross outfit kills me. Thanks Rich, you made my day yet again.

  3. so much beauty and amazing in one post. <3

  4. natch: good think you cleared that one up - we wouldn't want anything misconstrued on this blog!

    sonja + b2012 - thanks for the tip, can never have enough rafa apparently

  5. That is great to see him so humble accepting that award. It looks like he can barely hold his head up!

  6. He looks really happy, shy, proud, humble and appreciative when accepting the award. All a mix- cute to see.

    I really like how he looks in the tux in the first picture. Over the past couple of years he has had a gift of wearing ill-fitting tuxes- but it seems like that one fits him very well.

  7. The suit in two top pics is from pre-events of the day, the official audience with the Prince of Asturias. Note that Rafa's mother is wearing pants & silk tunic, clearly an afternoon wear.

    Rafa wore all slate-grey outfit for the awards ceremony. The Nadal womenfolk were in gowns there.

    But did you see the exquisite dress on Princess of Asturias: dove-gray skin-tight little lace number? Ah, the joys of good taste and plenty of money.


    Rafa seriously has it all. This is like next level stuff.

    And that leather jacket scenario is ridiculously hot. DAMN.

    Thanks Rich!

  9. anon 7:51 - thanks for clearing that up! i'm still outta breath...

  10. You're welcome.

    And, Rafa's "arrival" outfit was that cute striped sweater with smart neckline tape & tight grey designer jeans. He was filmed for Spanish TV wearing it during his morning flight with family from Mallorca to Spanish mainland. And he was in it arriving in front of the hotel for that short photocall you posted.

    Phew, that is clear now. I swear, this boy is becoming more amazing by the day.

  11. He was always everyone else gets to see it too.

  12. Thanks y'all, for ruining my weekend with wanting. Sigh. Lucky, lucky Xisca. Srsly, look how nicely the jeans molds his legs.


  13. Adorable little darling.

    You guys seen this one?

  14. chichi - thanks for the adorable pic of rafa! and his arms look like butter! *sigh* drool....

  15. babz - we ask that every week, right? It is just impossible yet it happens...*happy sigh*

    chichi that is adorable

  16. Aw, too bad, chichi's link doesn't work for me. *??*
    But I bet it's general delicious Rafaness as always... ;-)

    BTW babz I gotta say you look so beautiful in that icon pic of yours!

  17. *sigh* indeed.....

    don't you just wanna take him home and love him like there's no tomorrow....?

    gosh, somebody save me!

  18. Sonja, doesn't the link work for you? Just maximize the comment window, highlight the thing and copy paste on your browser. It poses no problem for me. You MUST see it! CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE.

    Thanks for the compliment *blush* It is part of my campaign to show SAFIN what he's missing by mingling with that... that... popstar.
    LOL totally j/k.

    B2012: I know!!!! I seem to do this every week. I will try not to lust after him, and then some picture or story will come out and there I go again.

  19. Yeah babz, that's what I did, but I always got an error message. I tried it on another pc today, and it worked - strange..... LOL

    Anyways, what an ADORABLE picture. I love Dorky Rafa. He's my fave Rafa after Fighter Rafa (you know, on court animal and all).

    LOL, yes you go show Marat what he's missing!! If he sees this and still goes out with that weird Russian lady, well his bad.
    I should do that to Rafa, too. You hear me Rafa?! You would look sooo good next to a blonde, extremely stylish girl. And I'm not talkin' Shrieka. LOL


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