Google Down the Line!: Confessions of a Madrid Masters ballgirl - would you leave the house with a puffy face?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confessions of a Madrid Masters ballgirl - would you leave the house with a puffy face?

So we've been given an insidery look into what it's like for a ballkid at the US and Aussie Opens. Now we get a peek into the challenges facing the models-turned-ballgirls at the Madrid Masters.

Karly Baptista is taking her turn throwing balls and handing towels to the biggest ballers on the ATP Tour. But this wasn't the gig she was expecting when she got the call:

The truth is that it was pure coincidence. I received a call from a friend to attend a casting like any other, when they told me it was to work as a ball-girl in of the most important tennis tournament's in Spain I was somewhat astonished.
Karly described the rigorous preparations the models must go through before hitting the court:
The truth is that, we have to get up very early so that when we eventaully (sic) get there our faces are not puffed. Then we go through hairdressing, make-up and the internal review to check that our clothing and appearance are perfect - the modeling things.
Sounds like my morning ritual - I never leave the house before my face has un-puffed. Anyway, the 27-year old also revealed who she'd like to be stranded on a deserted island with:
On a deserted island I would go with Djokovic and Federer, the first for his great humor which characterises him and the second for the class and elegance he exudes.
What, no Rafa? At least we know this ballgirl isn't allowing blind allegiances, bad hair, or screwy makeup to disrupt her important responsibilities on-court. Phew.

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  1. Yes because class and elegance is so important on a deserted island.

  2. "get there our faces are not puffed"

    Why worry? Get it Photoshopped!

  3. b2012: now what could you be alluding to, hmmm?

  4. Oh that ball girl has the right idea! Novak for entertainment and then you could eat Roger Federer if you ran out of sustenance.

  5. OK, now we've learned everything about their make-up and un-puffing (geez, why have I never worried about ISSUES like that?).

    And what about, um, say, the on-court skills? Don't they go through any training or something? Or is it just all about the prettyness? ;-)

  6. I wonder if the male players treat them better than ball"boys".

    Has any tourney done male model ballboys? We have to think about JJ, y'all.

    I am a connoisseur of all manly things, so rafa and potro for me. Can I fit Marat in there? More the merrier. Also, I'd take Roddick over djoko any day.

  7. babz: yup, they used male models for ballboys at last season's WTA Championships in Madrid as well. It might not be a good idea for JJ though - she didn't win a match at the tourney!


    Distracted much?

  9. Hilarious post Rich..and funny comments..thanks for making me laugh : )

  10. my pleasure as always uvijek!

  11. NOBODY is eating Roger Federer. Who would be better company on a desert island than Novak anyway, not because he's classy and elegant - even though he IS - but because he's LESS COCKY. Take note.


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