Google Down the Line!: Ana featured in China: Sports Illustrated, reveals love of all things latin (like, duh)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ana featured in China: Sports Illustrated, reveals love of all things latin (like, duh)

Ana Ivanovic, who'll be facing Dominika Cibulkova in Moscow's second round, is featured on the cover and an inside interview with China: Sports Illustrated. I guess it counts as a "sports" cover because she's wearing a gown while standing in an empty pool? Whatever...

Anyway, the second seeded Serb was asked by the magazine why she learned Spanish and she replied,

I have always enjoyed visiting Spain and Latin America. I trained there a little bit some years ago, before I turned professional, and I really enjoyed playing tournaments in South America. I love the latin way of life: it is very relaxed, and I also like that the people are very family-orientated, like me.
Ah-ha! Now we know why Ana keeps traveling to Spain and has been hanging out with Fernando Verdasco recently. She loves her some latin!

I suppose if Anando doesn't work out, she'll have plenty of willing options over there.

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  1. haha, that cover has been photoshopped, look at her hand;). ive seen this image of hr before

  2. If by loving all things latin you mean latin lovers, then yes.

  3. That cover has definitely NOT been photoshopped.

    The pic is one of the series from the photoshoot done by Jason Bell last year - she was in and around that empty pool in that dress. Check Ana's site.

    For example:

  4. Verdasco is hung like a horse that's why Ana is hanging out with him.


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