Google Down the Line!: Amelie actually has personality and a sense of humor, unleashes them on the world

Friday, October 24, 2008

Amelie actually has personality and a sense of humor, unleashes them on the world

As you may have noticed or not, I don't cover Amelie Mauresmo very much on DtL. Now, it's nothing personal against the Frenchie baller or her game (even though her world-renowned penchant for mental meltdowns drives me batty) but, frankly, she usually doesn't do or say anything that's remotely interesting...until now!

The 2-time Grand Slammer is blogging from Luxembourg for the WTA and in her latest post had some fun musings for her fans after defeating German Anna-Lena Groenefeld 6-3, 6-1 to reach the quarterfinals:

I did win my match today, but I'm sorry to say my day started pretty badly. I called my two dogs this morning and they wouldn't talk to me! I was a little bit upset. Here I am, desperate to talk to them, and they wouldn't even pick up the phone. It was really difficult for me. On a happy note, I later found out they're running out of credit on their mobiles, so I'm hoping that was the reason they didn't pick up! I'll have to get them some more when I'm back. I've attached a picture of what they were doing when I was calling them.

After the match, the tournament gave me a bottle of wine - this blog is working well for me now, because I was saying how much I liked Bordeaux wine and now they got me some! Maybe I should start saying how much I like Ferraris...

Phone-talking dogs? Ferraris?? C-r-a-z-y Amelie! Color me shocked that I'm rolling on the floor laughing my arse off right now - you're killing me!

What was I thinking not covering you? My mind has SO been changed.

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  1. Oh, Rich. *shakes head*
    If only you had been paying attention. She's always been hilarious. She's just very quiet, which can translate to boring if you aren't paying attention. Oh well, live & learn, right?

  2. Aw, the dog story is so cute! So are the fluffy little doggies! Aaawwww, my voice is getting all queaky. LOL

  3. natch: surely - there seems to be some funny bone in there. i'll have to watch amelie much more closely now

  4. I feel the same way you do, Rich. I totally thought was boring and humorless (though very intelligent and witty). Until now.

  5. c note: reader natch says above that she's usually "hilarious" so maybe we've been missing all of those hysterical press conferences or something.

    or maybe something gets lost in translation?

    my bet: she got scared of the media after the whole marty hingis' "half-man" comment from '99 and never looked back.

    I say, "Bust it out!"

  6. hey Rich,

    My opinion is just that. It doesn't make me right or wrong. (& my opinion is that you did miss something in all her pressers and interviews. ;))

  7. Rich -- I think she's witty. She's said funny things in the past that were self deprecating and witty. But the difference to me with this blog entry is that it's...whimsical humor. Like, absurdist, which is my favorite kind. THAT, was surprising.

    I've received similar comments on my site (like natch's) so clearly you and I have been too busy staring at shirtless dudes for the past few years.

  8. c note: guilty as charged

    natch: in this case, you may be right!

  9. I always thougt Amelie is Tommy Haas in drag.


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