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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Women's 1st Marquee Matchup: US Open Quarterfinals

Venus + Serena Williams will be facing off for the 17th time today in the first Marquee Matchup of the women's draw when the sisters meet in the US Open quarterfinals. This matchup was eagerly anticipated after their high-quality battle in the Wimbledon final but disappointing because the Sisters Sledge are playing the best ball in the draw and only one can possibly make it to the final Saturday. Oh well.

V completely outclassed Agnieszka Radwanska crushing the ninth seed 6-1, 6-3 by hitting 33 winners to 11 for Aggie and 4 aces to none for the Polish baller. ReRe followed her sister's lead by dismantling Frenchie qualifier Severine Bremond 6-2, 6-2 hitting 24 winners to only 11 errors.

Their head-to-head stands at 8-8 and 2-1 at the US Open in favor of V. Their last meeting was in the Wimbledon final this year where older sis' broke a streak of five straight Grand Slam final losses to ReRe. V came back from a break down in the first set to grab her fifth Wimbledon title and seventh overall.

Here's what V had to say about ReRe:

I think more than anything she likes to win. She loves her job and loves what she does and loves the competition and all that comes with being able to be at the top of what you do, best in the world. Ultimately that's what it boils down to, I think, for both of us.
ReRe had this to say about facing V:
It sucked that it can't be the final. At least the semis. It's so soon. Actually for me, I've been really working on playing more and getting my ranking together. You know, it's just disappointing to be so soon.
Outlook: This is truly a tough one to call. Clearly ReRe will be super-motivated to avenge the loss to V at Wimby. But she may feel more pressure to defeat her older sister, not to mention having the top ranking on the line, which could lead to tightness and errors. Morevoer, the 26-year old has struggled to close out big matches recently when the going got close - something to watch out for in this match.

V has looked outstanding - calm, cool, and collected on the court. She had the tougher fourth rounder and completely whitewashed Aggie, a very crafty and capable baller in her own right.

I'm thinking this match will most likely go the distance with V edging out ReRe again for a place in the final four.

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  1. So there are women at this year's Open too?! Well hell! Guess I'll have to tune in...go Serena or Venus. More importantly, VAMOS RAFA!

  2. LOL anon! Yes it's true the women are playing too...

  3. ok Rich, i've been wanting to ask you this..'why do u call Serena ReRe?'
    I just recently started reading your blog..ok maybe not too recent but it was a couple of months ago and i noticed the nickname(ReRe)

    anyway, im just asking outa curiosity..

    by the way i totally love ur blog.

  4. Oh, and i'll be rooting for Venus.
    it sucks that i'm in malaysia and i'll be writing an exam when the match is on, so i'm gonna have to watch a re-run when i get home.

  5. YAY SERENA WON! I was rooting for her. Now take the entire title!

    The William sisters are true champions and they played like it tonight. Love it! Finally a great women's tennis match at this year's open. The women's matches have been pretty boring until tonight but once again the Williams make it worth watching.


  6. wow!!!!!!!!! what a match! my girl rolls on. woot.

  7. Venus should've won it, but choked on the big points. It's a shame cause she was playing some great tennis.

  8. "ok Rich, i've been wanting to ask you this..'why do u call Serena ReRe?'"

    - because it's fun

    It was a great match and they really left it all on the court. They looked really worn out at the end.

    V had SO many missed chances (like 10 set points) and served for both sets and was broken. It seems it wasn't meant to be for V. ReRe played the big points better - plain and simple.

  9. Ugh. Thanks, girls, for making me wait so damn long to see Rafa. I tried eating dinner while you were playing, returning phone calls, swimming laps, running a marathon, but noooooooooo, you had to take FOREVER.

    Lucky for me, Rafa was kind enough to let me rest my cup of coffee on that shelf he carries *behind* him when they were changing sides so I could stay awake. ;) Vamos, Red Pants!


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