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Thursday, September 4, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: J. Martin gives his all, breaks down in post-match presser

Juan Martin del Potro's titanic quarterfinal match against Andy Murray was apparently a very emotional affair for the Argentine.

The 19-year old's 23-match win streak was broken when he was defeated by the Brit baller 7-6, 7-6, 4-6, 7-5 and he told the press afterwards,

We did good match. The people enjoy the match. He's more happy than me, but I'm not sad, you know.
But when speaking to the Spanish media, the 6'6" baller broke down and was unable to continue with the conference:

Clearly J. Martin needed to release all the tension and pressure he's been holding ever since his spectacular run began after Wimbledon.

Congrats to him on a tremendous effort!

(image via Getty; video via ATP Tennis Blog)


  1. Awww, Juan Martin! You should be so proud of yourself. It was a brilliant match.

  2. Oh my.

    Ok, I'm one of those women who gets very moved by man tears. I *love* man tears. He should be proud of himself. But of course when you lose a match you could've won, those are just empty words. So hugs for Delpo, and much more if he wants it. NO! I didn't just say that!

    I really need to stop ogling younger men.

  3. "I really need to stop ogling younger men."

    - as if that's a problem babz... you're only human. but does that make you a cougar???

  4. Im glad for the summer that he had, so much journalist talked about him all this years but injuries didnt allowed him to show his talent.

    Rich there is a post in "youtube" from this U.S. Open with Murphy Jensen and Del Potro....

  5. He can be proud of himself.

  6. Rich - I hope not! I haven't even reached mid 20's :D
    Well okay, not as if I'm gonna stop ogling dem fine (younger) specimen when I'm in my 40's or something... erm... I should stop now before the hole gets deeper.

    I just feel very, very guilty when I ogle younger men. I even feel guilty ogling Rafa. But what to do!! They make 'em better and better each year! Too tempting for words :D

  7. He had a great run of which he should be proud. I had chosen him as my dark horse.

    Completely irrelevant but does he remind anyone else of Disney's Quasimodo?

  8. "Completely irrelevant but does he remind anyone else of Disney's Quasimodo?"

    Sara you mean this dude?

    LOL! You're OOC - out of control!!

  9. oh oh aw.
    what were they saying at the end there? can anyone translate?
    oh and i know what you mean by the quasimodo resemblance! lol, it's something to do with his face shape.. and nose :P

  10. Oh my god, crying men just totally hit my weak spot. Poor thing...

    So cute how the people around tried to cuddle him though.

    I guess it's all the pressure. He had some hysterical weeks - maybe it all just went a little too fast.


  11. Everything you said, Sonja, is what I was thinking myself. He is a baby, only 19. He needs a good rest and his momma.

  12. Just bad luck for him. Had he played A-Rod again, then I think it would have been Washington 2.0! There's still AO, I predict he'll reach the final then!

  13. Oh poor guy. He really, really wanted this win. That breaks my heart!


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