Google Down the Line!: Venus aims for 2016 Olympics - and not in the geriatric field either!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Venus aims for 2016 Olympics - and not in the geriatric field either!

After her disappointing loss to sister Serena in their US Open quarterfinal Marquee Match last night, Venus Williams dropped a bomb on the unsuspecting press contingent during her post-match presser.

The 7-time Grand Slammer told the media,

...for the record, I'm aiming for the 2016 Olympics. We'll be playing doubles. I'll be here for a long time still grinding and earning titles and making life hard for anyone and everyone.
What?! 2016??! V will be, like, 80 when those Olympics roll around. But you know what? She'll still be kicking WTA arse and taking names.

How sad for the other lady

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  1. Seriously?! Who thinks she got confused and meant to say 2012? I'm all for it though! I was pulling for her last night...

  2. I really think she meant 2016, because they're aiming to host the Olympics that year in Chicago.

    I pity the newcomers. Heads will roll, oh how they will :D

  3. This is a perfect example of why Venus is the best advocate of women's tennis since BJK.

  4. it will be a very sad day for tennis is general when venus retires...I dont know if people really understand what venus has done for this sport...


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