Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Brooklyn + Stacey's US Open fiancee fiesta

Monday, September 1, 2008

SIGHTING: Brooklyn + Stacey's US Open fiancee fiesta

Brooklyn Decker, fiancee to Andy Roddick, was spotted watching her husband-to-be get his game back on track at the US Open this week. It seems sporty Brooklyn and classic Brooklyn will be making appearances in A-Rod's baller box this week, though my fave is still fly-away Brooklyn from Queen's Club.

Mardy Fish's betrothed, Deal or No Deal's Stacey Gardner, was spotted working a hippy-chic dress as she watched her man battle Frenchie Gael Monfils in the fourth round. Though I'm not usually a fan of this look, it does seem like a comfortable, end of summer moment for Stacey.

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  1. You know what? I saw both those girls up close and personal, and I thought they were both unspectacular. Rather average looking, if you ask me. I wish I could remember the player's wife (or player's name, for that matter) I saw last week. She was stunning. I saw both these girls after I saw her, and they just can't compare, imo.

  2. well then i guess they're perfect matches all around!

  3. They both look very manly in the face to me. I wish the TV camera would stop obsessing on them.

  4. I agree, fly-away Brooklyn looks way better. On these pics, she kinda looks like a girl from the country making her first trip to the city (esp. in the middle).

    I think Mardy's girl is cuter. Although the whole bunch (including Bec "trashy" Hewitt, Xisca Perello, Murray's gf etc.) looks way too flawless to me. What's happened to all the normal women?!

    I gotta say, Mirka is a pleasant exception (although she apparently thinks she's not, going all "I'm BFF with Gwen").

  5. I think Brooklyn looks great whatever style,she's so pretty.

    She's defiantly one lucky girl!


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