Google Down the Line!: Sharapova bags new man - Nole rumors put to pasture

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sharapova bags new man - Nole rumors put to pasture

The word on the street is that Maria Sharapova is now officially off the market!

According to Tennis Week, Shrieka is now dating Charlie Ebersol, the son of Dick Ebersol, an executive at NBC who helped launch Saturday Night Live. In 2004 Dick, Charlie, and 14-year old Edward were involved in a plane crash that killed the youngest son.

The pair joined Andre Agassi as guests at the Bryan Brother's All-Star Tennis Smash charity gala dinner over the weekend where Shrieka put herself up for auction and joked, "My boyfriend will outbid you." No such luck - a day with the Russian fashionista went for $10,000.

Well, fine. I guess we can officially trash those Nole-Shrieka least for now.

Thanks for the heads-up Erin!

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  1. hmm. I still say Camilla is her main squeeze.

  2. See, it must be official, she is already a Notre Dame fan, she's wearing green!

    (I don't start rumors, I just spread 'em, hehehe)

  3. B2012: LMAO! You're too funny - so would Charlie be her "skirt"?

    erin: hmmm interesting observation - or she's just horny and in love. been there, done that (it wasn't a dress though - at least not what i remember *rubs eyes*)

  4. Awww, look at little Andre. He looks so happy there. *weeps for Andre-less ATP*

  5. I will give them 6 months to the max!!....

    .....sorry...jelousy run to my veins : )

  6. I would look sooo stupid in a weird dress like that, but she kinda makes it work.


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