Google Down the Line!: Sharapova plays model for Hello! magazine, discusses balky shoulder

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sharapova plays model for Hello! magazine, discusses balky shoulder

Maria Sharapova, who is still rehabbing her balky shoulder, isn't set to return until January in Hong Kong. But she's not just sitting pretty.

The Russian fashionista used some of this free time to visit New York Fashion Week and also to shoot a special Sony Ericsson promotion in the current British Hello! magazine. Shrieka discusses her career and family, relationships, and the injury which forced her to shutter her 2008 season early:

Maria, it must have come as something of a shock to discover that you'd been playiong with an undiagnosed tear in you shoulder...
I had an MRI scan in April because I was starting to feel it again, but they said it didn't show much apart from inflammation. After a while, though, the pain was still there.

How did the experts miss it?
Good question. I've bascially been playing with a torn rotator cuff for maybe seven or eight months.

It must have affected your game...
Obviously, it it always on your mind. You are always trying to compete at the highest level, and when you're told it's a little inflammation, you think it's not that bad, but then when you find out how bad it it, it becomes a concern and you're afraid of making it worse.
Ever the wannabe model, Shrieka worked it for the camera as well. Check it:

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  1. Wow! Stunning pictures! Gorgeous!
    I'll surely buy the issue this weekend.

  2. alberta: i have to give shrieka props for her modeling skills. she's def getting much better at working the camera - she doesn't look as stilted as she did when she modeled her US Open ruby dress last year.

  3. hey alberta! i'm from calgary.

    wtf is with the chandelier pic..and i've seen the exact same half pouty/half puzzled look on maria just about every time i've seen her pose.

  4. my fave is the middle shot where she's sitting on the tub - it looks like she smells something awful in that bathtub...eeks

  5. Andrea you took the words out of my mouth. She posed exactly the same way at the wimbledon party as she did in this first picture. Rich it would be funny to see a compilation of all the different photos of her looking the same way. She looks way prettier in spontaneous pictures.

  6. lol sara i'd love to see that compilation.


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