Google Down the Line!: Sharapova officially shutters 2008 season, to begin training next week

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sharapova officially shutters 2008 season, to begin training next week

As predicted, Maria Sharapova has officially closed down her 2008 season as she still rehabs her balky right shoulder.

The 21-year old made the announcement via her website's "Weekly Doodles":

I've been progressing really well but its taking a lot longer than I had selfishly planned. Therefore my team and I decided to 'shut it down' for the season.
Not a surprise but a very smart move for sure. Shrieka is, however, getting ready to begin training again next week:
To be quite honest this whole experience has been quite the change to my usual yearly pace. On the weekends I have been able to go home and have a normal quiet life...which is so unusual because my days off during the year are so random. Next week I am going to finally hit my first tennis ball and a few weeks after that my first serves.
Hallelujah! Aside from being a bit quieter, the Aussie Open champ's presence on the WTA Tour has been sorely missed. Even doubters would have to admit she brings a champion's intensity and focus that's been lacking in the top echelon of the women's game (right Ana?).

As the cliché goes, you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

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  1. I don't like her, but WHY didn't she have surgery? That shoulder is going to break down within three months of her using it again.

  2. natch: That's a very good question. Obvs, I'm no expert on these matters but maybe it didn't require surgery, just a lot of time off (more than she had taken off in the past) and specific rehabbing for the rotator cuff?

    If I recall correctly, it had been diagnosed as just 'inflammation' which only required a short breaks and some strengthening but now that it's been correctly diagnosed as a 'tear' she's taking about 5 months off and doing hardcore rehab (well, if you discount the water skiiing, dumbass moment). But whether that level of tear in the cuff requires surgery, I have no idea.

    I guess we'll see next season!

  3. Maybe Maria didn't need surgery, but she needs that # 3 protected ranking for Australian Open, which she wouldn't be able to achieve, if she would enter tournament before AO! How convenient!


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