Google Down the Line!: Quote of the Day: Srdjan Djokovic on Serbia's '09 Davis Cup draw

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quote of the Day: Srdjan Djokovic on Serbia's '09 Davis Cup draw

First Russia [this year], now Spain. Nobody wants to see us win Davis Cup. The chances of us beating Spain on clay are only two percent.

- Srdjan Djokovic, Nole's pops, complaining to Serbian paper Sportski that Serbia drawing Spain in next season's Davis Cup first round tie is "no coincidence."

You know what? This sounds all too familiar to me. Crazy is as crazy does.

Get this family some Prozac please...

(image via Blic)


  1. gawd novak looks pretty in that picture. *slobbers*

  2. I've been wondering how much pressure Marko has from his talented brother and crazy parents!

  3. Aw, grumpy dad. And a little paranoid, too.

    Yeah, Srdjan, it's all a big conspiracy where the whole world united to help prevent one thing: Serbia winning the Davis Cup. That's actually what they're doing on Area 51 - they try to think of ways to sabotage the Serbian DC team. They came up with those cloned Spanish meteor freaks who play unbeatably well on clay. It's all part of the big plan.


  4. Instead of being a whiny bitch, why not look at it as a springboard to work harder and take it as a challenge? I get that taking on Spain is a huge mountain to climb on clay, but come on. I'm pretty sure this isn't all equated to the next film in the Bourne series. Geez.

    sidenote: Novak looks tasty there. And papa looks craaaaaazzayyy.

  5. Man the Djokovic clan are a bunch of crazy whiners. A PR person needs to be hired to bitch slap them all. All they're doing is losing fans for Novak and annoying the tennis world.

  6. is it me guys or is this picture very telling - srdjan is the puppet master pulling the strings for his wacko family...the supposed "brains" behind the Djoko machine.

    Scary indeed.

  7. well, it's 2011 and Nole just became world no 1 and won his Wimbledon, lost only one match since begening of the season, defeated Nadal 4 or 5 times in consecutive finals.... do you want me to keep on?
    no comment....?
    yeah, that's what i thought....
    so, shhhhhhh!!!!!!
    here he comes again to show you all what the player with a heart he poor little souls....


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