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Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the Day: Norm Chryst on instant replay

Best innovation since the tiebreak. It makes the game fairer and helps us get close ones right. Everyone—chair umps, line judges, players—makes mistakes. It's made some chair umps more conservative about overruling calls, and some players more willing to admit they don't always see the ball correctly. No one is perfect.

- Veteran umpire Norm Chryst on instant replay

Take that Mary Carillo. I know it's pricey but if the tennis gods could be consistent and get it installed, at least, on the main show courts at each Grand Slam that would be a good start. Do it to it!

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  1. I wish I had a dime for every time Carillo whined about this. I could go on an around the world cruise. Twice.

    I think they need them on all of the main courts at slams for sure. They certainly should be able to afford it and keep things consistent.

  2. GAH!!!!!!!

    I HATE Mary Carillo. I mute the tv if she's on.

    They do need ir on all courts...AND ir is NOT 100% accurate yet, so I wish they'd hurry up and fix it to make it 100%. Sometimes I wonder if those *ball fuzz touching the line so it's in* calls really ARE correct.

  3. I understand what Carillo says (I don't hate her but she is a little crazy.) She says that if we're going to accept hawkeye as the definitive call we should have it on all points not just the ones the players think are iffy. Also, I think that if we're going to have it we should have it on all courts; umpires aren't going to get a call automatically right because they're on court 18 at Wimbledon.
    P.S. It's not needed at the French Open.

  4. ohmygod mary carillo. she would not SHUT THE FUCK UP during the roger/andy final at the us open. she just wouldn't. shut. up. i'm sure she feels like andy was robbed of the us open title because of the missed call and andy's failure to question it. hisss.

  5. sara: so what of the linespeople? if it's used on every call then there's no need for them. the way hawkeye is used now adds a little drama to the game and brings excitement to the fans. mary carillo is being so black and white about the issue when there's tons of grey.

  6. I love Mary. To set the record straight this is her position on Hawkeye: players should have unlimited challenge, not just 2 or 3.

  7. Mary has been asked about the need for lines people and it's clear that she's not quite sure how to answer it. She says that we should keep them but she doesn't have an actual reason. Yeah Rich it doesn't quite make sense having them both. Mccenroe has asked her almost every time she brings it up.


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