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Monday, September 22, 2008

Quote of the Day: Murray on British Davis Cup team

The way I play shows that I love the Davis Cup, but I make sacrifices to play. I want every single person to make those sacrifices, I want them to come here physically able to play for all three days even if it is for three five-set matches. I want to know that everyone in the team wants to win as badly as I do and if I don’t feel everyone has that attitude, that will definitely demotivate me.

- A frustrated Andy Murray on the lackluster efforts of the British Davis Cup team during their play-off loss to Austria

Great point Andy and it's good to see you taking a leadership role. But it sucks that you're the only one who believes (or is good) over there.

The influx of monies coming to the LTA from new sponsor AEGON will surely help the development of future Brit ballers. In the meantime, though, it's all about you Andy - good times!

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  1. I can't recommend his book highly enough!! He really goes into great detail about the whole Davis Cup issues. He makes some good points about how he's expected to carry the load when others won't work as much. It's interesting.

    I'm just excited for the new draw where Spain drew Serbia at home in Spain...:D And the Swiss come the US...but I am not sure where it will be??

  2. i'll def have to check his book out - blake's was horrible. didn't he go to harvard for a bit? clearly he didn't take their writing classes.

    we should book a big trip to the US-Switzerland Davis Cup tie next season - so fun!!!

  3. LOL I haven't read Blake's book yet, but was going to. It should be witty and sophisticated with that Harvard Andy's is excellent. It feels like he's sitting right there telling you about life on tour, and he does it with minimal Rafa fangirling. ;)

    I already liked him a lot as a player, but I came out of it with a much deeper respect for his game and what he's done to improve it. It's very candid without being cocky whatsoever. Plus he's got a great sense of humor. It's a win win. And I'll shut up now...

    We need to go to Davis Cup and check out Stan and Fed's secret handshake.


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