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Friday, September 26, 2008

Quote of the Day: Ana on Beijing loss

She was really aggressive and she was dominating a lot. At the (time) I wasn't realizing I was running a lot, but after the match when I talked to my coach, he was saying that, probably, I should have been more aggressive.

- Ana Ivanovic on her second consecutive loss to Zheng Jie in Beijing

You probably "should have been more aggressive"? You didn't realize you were "running a lot"?? Seriously???

Oh Ana - get a grip.

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  1. Maybe she didnt realize it was a "tennis" game too? : )

    I like Ana, until later find out that she is the type player with no "plan b" in strategies.

    Thats why I miss Justin Henin, she try so many different things on court.

  2. You know who I miss? Chrissie and Martina. Nobody worked harder to beat the other's, and their opponents, brains out.

    Ana, grow a pair, will you?

  3. uvijek: I'm with you on both points. She really seems like a sweet girl but sweet ain't gonna cut it on-court. She says she can be really nice off and a tigress on, but she's yet to show that fire even against ballers OUTSIDE the top 100 (Coin ring a bell?) Justine was in a class all by herself - a bit too standoffish for my taste but an incredible strategist with amazing groundies.

    natch: ...and could still be friendly towards each other and the other lady ballers on tour. what a different time.

  4. This is sad. She really needs to get it together.


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