Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Top ballers take the stage (and drums) for China Open party

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PHOTO OP: Top ballers take the stage (and drums) for China Open party

The top ballers competing at the China Open this week donned traditional Chinese garb and hit the drums as they took part in the official opening party for the tourney.

However, some of them seemed to be a little distracted...

What could Ana + Fernando be talking about? Another trip to Spain for the Serb?? Poor Sveta got the shaft though - oh well...

Thanks for the tip B2012!

(images via Getty)


  1. Sam! XD I don't know, I just picture Roddick feeling so super stupid having to dress up like that, that seeing him bang that drum just makes me laugh even harder.

  2. he's probably like the class clown of the ATP Tour - well one of them.

  3. By the looks of the smile on Ana's face, I'm thinking Verdasco's asking her if she wants to see the uncensored version of those famous pictures of his. Hmm...I'd like to sign up for that myself.

  4. ahaha. nando and ana would be hot together.

  5. I saw a pic of Svetlana kissing Ferrer.. that one is sweet!!
    Guess that the spanish boys are great choices to flirt with!!

  6. Looks like Nando has a crush on Ana Lol

  7. yes - he seems to have an affinity for ana. who could blame either of them really - it's all about hotness!

  8. I'd love to know what Andy was joking about!
    He still looks hot,even dressed in that!


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