Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Top ballers hit the sake in Tokyo, though one seemingly hit it way too hard

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PHOTO OP: Top ballers hit the sake in Tokyo, though one seemingly hit it way too hard

Some top ballers gathered this week in Tokyo for the AIG Japan Open (phew - isn't this tourney lucky to still be around.) They also attended the official opening ceremony where they broke open sake barrels to wish happiness and success for the tourney.

But, lo and behold, there was one baller who looked like he either wanted to somewhere else completely or he hit the sake way too early and way too hard:

I wonder why? Maybe it's because this classy moment of David's is making the rounds...priceless:

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  1. I didn't catch a word he said.
    Rich, please 'splain yoself.

    All those handsome young men in kimonos, though...that was enough to make my day.

  2. natch: he was saying he couldn't hit the fuckin' ball because his head is all messed up (just speaking out loud)...the umpire gives him a warning for the language and he says "why because I'm talking?"...then he says it's because she's a woman...women can't do anything.

    what a lovely man...

  3. I do hope that you are aware that he apologised afterwards for what he said. He has a very bad temper, and says things he dosent mean.

    Surely everyone here has said something they've regretted afterwards sometime? Give him a break, David is a wonderful person.

  4. Thanks, Rich, for the explanation. I gotta stop drinking before I come here. Honestly, I didn't hear anything but the warning from the chair.

    imho, people who say things in the heat of the moment usually mean them, even if their emotions exaggerate what they are saying. *crosses Ferrer off "nice guy" list*

  5. Rebecca: I would put this incident in the same category as what Hewitt said about the linesperson during his US Open match against James Blake in 2001:

    Hewitt apologized afterwards but it's ugly and unnecessary. It speaks to something bubbling on the underside that gets spoken when the filters are turned off e.g. in the heat of battle.

    It's good David apologized but it's unfortunately out there. If anything, let's hope he learns from the experience and understands how misogyny has NO PLACE in the world.

  6. quit whining. he's still a sexy stud. he can curse at me in spanish all niiiiiiiiight loooooooong. ;)

  7. of course anon - it's always important to put it into context. what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors - unless there's a nanny cam involved of course

  8. I'm sorry but that video cracked me up real hard. I also think you can't really take stuff like that too seriously. Especially when it comes from that cute, tiny guy. LOL

    But then, it's also true it's no way to behave in public spaces.

    I'd say all Spaniards seem to have bad tempers, but Rafa would never do that. He'd show off his bare tooshie, but he'd never do THAT. ;-P

  9. I do agree that it's unnecessary, but I guess it's easy for us to comment on it. Tennis players feel pressure, you know, what with defending points and playing in front of however many people and so on. *shrugs*

    I do believe he has learned from it. I remember afterwards he was on his forum, he kept apologising. I think he felt really bad about it. I also think that speaks volumes about him, the fact that he goes on to his own forum and talks to his fans. How many other players in the top 10 do that?

    Anyway, I had forgotten all about this until someone gave me a link to this page. :)
    I just wanted to say that his good outweighs his bad by miles. :)


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