Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Serena leaps to victory, defeats JJ for third US Open championship

Monday, September 8, 2008

PHOTO OP: Serena leaps to victory, defeats JJ for third US Open championship

Serena Williams leapt over all pretenders this fortnight earning her ninth major championship, tying the beloved Monica Seles, and the keys to the WTA Penthouse when she defeated Jelena Jankovic 6-4, 7-5 in a thrilling final for her third US Open title. The new top lady baller also blew through the draw without dropping a set - nice.

ReRe was down a break in each set and faced sets points in the second. But as she did against sister Venus in their dynamic quarterfinal duel, the 26-year old refused to budge and sealed the deal with a angled backhand crosscourt winner on match point.

ReRe knew her time would come after preparing all season for this moment:

I've been working so hard all year. Sometimes I wake up at 6am to go and practice and it's too dark, and I wait until it gets light. No one really, really knows the work an athlete puts in. But it's all worth it. It's all paying off. I'd feel like gosh, I've been working the hardest, so I should win.

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  1. What an awesome match! They both put in such a great performance (sans the two key double faults by JJ) but I was happy to see Serena win.

    What I wasn't happy about though was how my local CBS affiliate didn't show me any post-match interviews or the trophy presentation!! Grrrr. Luckily I have downtheline to keep me updated :)

  2. thanks erin - good to know i'm doing my job!

  3. um...erin, the presentation ceremony was hard to watch. JJ was so classless. she interrupted mary carillo to ask about how much money she'd won and practically took the mic away from mary to give an oscar acceptance speech (for losing mind you). bleh. and on a side note: what was with JJ putting glitter in her hair all tournament?! is she 12?

    serena on the other hand was adorable and looked like a kid in a candy story. she was so excited and you could tell by her eyes.


  4. LOL tr burke - i was saying the same thing - she had body glitter to match too. oh can never count JJ out of the drama league.

  5. OMG, jelena needs some off-court behavior lessons...grabbing the mic...ranting on and on...interrupting mary while she was asking questions....the list goes was her first grandslam, but geez....get some class...

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