Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Rafa completely captivated by Davis Cup media moment

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PHOTO OP: Rafa completely captivated by Davis Cup media moment

Rafael Nadal was spotted looking attentive and interested during a presser for this weekend's Davis Cup semifinal versus the US in Madrid, Spain.

Ahhh - at least the Majorcan Matador is consistent with his boredom during these media moments though I fear he may be completely A.D.H.D.

What the hell is going through Rafa's head people? Do tell!

(images via AP)


  1. He's trying not to laugh at how one sided the score is going to be this weekend... ;)

  2. He's thinking: Bob Bryan out? We'll be done by Saturday. More time for me with natch, rich and sonja...

  3. Well; I doubt it's ADHD- he has excellent retention skills: watch him reel off point by point plays in his pressers.
    I reckon he's just bored stiff by all the nonsense that goes on and would rather be fishing :)

  4. nadalfan: good point - maybe he's on meds???

    natch: LOL! so true...who wants to schedule in the time?

  5. "Gaaah, wrap it up already, guys, I'm beginning to feel peckish..."

    "Those grilled shrimps yesterday were great... fresh... Might order the same today. What? Yes, I also like fish. Oh, sorry, you mean the player?"

  6. I think this may be the closest I get to seeing his bed hair

  7. Rich,

    Did you notice he's wiping drool after thinking about spending time with us???
    *runs to book NetJet to Madrid*

  8. ADHD or not, does he really need to pay that much attention to break Roddick on clay?? No offense to all Roddick fans - I used to be one of you.

    *sigh* love that second picture. I have similar hair, but I never get it to behave. Maybe I need to cut it like his O_O

  9. Aw, natch, it's so sweet you included me in Rafa's daydreams! :)

    ADHD - I don't think so. I know from my own experience that you can bite your nails AND listen, it's what I always do (in boring meetings though, granted LOL).

    Anyway, as he kinda has the out-of-bed look goin' on here (the hair!!! o_O), I guess he might be thinking: "Will I get ANY sleep EVER again? Especially after having natch over for breakfast, then having natch for breakfast, then some training, then some Rich, after that pasta with prawns, then Sonja covered with Nutella... I'm a busy man..."


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