Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Murray continues rigorous training regimen in Roehampton

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PHOTO OP: Murray continues rigorous training regimen in Roehampton

Andy Murray, who was spotted at the National Tennis Centre planning his Fred Perry duds for 2009 recently, is still in Roehampton working on his game and fitness before returning to the ATP Tour.

The Brit baller was hoping to run a few 400 metres at Wimbledon's track (loving these black and silver Nike track trainers, btw) after a hitting session with coach Miles but with the gates locked Andy and trainer Matty Little hit the gym for some 40/20 intervals - 40 seconds on the treadmill (your choice of speed and incline) and 20 seconds rest, 15 times.

I'm out of breath just thinking about it. This training sounds really tough...and it looks like I might be right:

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  1. Wouldn't it be great if ESPN or The Tennis Channel would follow a baller for a day or a week, so we could watch them train? I want to see every single thing done, from nutrition to fitness to equipment selection. I want to see how many hours a day it takes to be a professional. Is it 6? 10? 12? 20?
    I don't want to hear the "24/7" bs routine. I want to see what goes into it for myself.

    Rafa, if you are listening, you can do it naked and put it on pay-per-view. ;)

  2. natch: i'm with you on that one. personally i'd love to see a real in-depth story about a top ballers training program, a real insidery segment. how about following the baller from training through to a tourney to see it in action? yes, yes, please!

  3. Oooooo...what if Real Sports did a piece, and committed to a player for the full year? They could air the piece right after a slam, if the subject wins one. Andy might be a great subject for that. He is poised to take one.

    Or even Roger, if he wins another slam, then RS could follow him in his quest to break the record. Yes, I like that, too. Okay, Rich, let's go get jobs at HBO. (See, that way we can still show Rafa naked in our spare time. ;))


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