Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Mardy + Stacey make it official, get married in black-tie Beverly Hills wedding

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PHOTO OP: Mardy + Stacey make it official, get married in black-tie Beverly Hills wedding

As reported yesterday in Monday's + NETCORDS, Mardy Fish married fiancée Stacey Gardner of Deal or no Deal in a lavish, black-tie wedding at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

The bride and groom were surrounded by 150 guests including groomsman James Blake, James' brother Thomas, and basketballer Kevin Garnett. Good friend Andy Roddick was not in attendance since he was a little busy winning Beijing.

Stacy had six bridesmaids all wearing black dresses and worked with wedding planner Linda Howard, from Sensational Celebrations, while Mark's Garden provided the flowers. The couple walked down a red rose petal-strewn aisle to U2's "A Beautiful Day".

Congratulations Mardy + Stacey!

(images via HCFoo's Tennis Blog)


  1. So apparently Andy and Mardy are not BFF then? Geez, haven't they thought of consulting the ATP calendar before setting a silly wedding date?

  2. yeah b2012 - it seems strange that A-Rod wouldn't be there because of a tourney. It's his first and hopefully last wedding and I'd think you'd want to be there. It's not like A-Rod was playing a major or something. Very weird - maybe he needs the money!

  3. Her wedding dress is gorgeous!


  4. >>It's his first and hopefully last wedding <<

    $20 says they're divorced within five years.

    What's with the ill-fitting tux on Mardy? The groomsmen look better than he does.

  5. Lisa - it is really beautiful...i'd say it's a mermaid style dress, right?

    natch: LOL - Mardy does look hefty there...he's never been the fittest guy on tour but i see why he wears those baggy k-swiss duds!

  6. Is it just me or are those Hollywood weddings SO not romantic?

  7. congrats to the both of them

  8. I also seems strange to me
    preferred a tournament that the wedding of his best friend!
    if that is your best friend!! stacey she is very beautiful: D and looks spectacular with its siren dress
    and Mardy ....... Mardy is
    James Blake is best viewed with your outfit that Mardy

  9. all the happiness in the world!
    Many congratulations on your marriage
    insurance will have beautiful children: D

  10. Can anyone tell me who designed Stacey's wedding dress?

  11. Did anyone find out who designed Stacey's dress?


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