Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Majorcan Matador gets bullring for Davis Cup fight

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PHOTO OP: Majorcan Matador gets bullring for Davis Cup fight

The Davis Cup semifinal between Spain and the US will taking place at Madrid's spectacular Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, a stadium usually reserved for bullfighting.

Oh how fitting for the Majorcan Matador to be battling his foes in this beautiful venue. In fact, Rafa sounded inspired when he spoke about this weekend's spectacle during an apparently awe-inspiring Davis Cup presser:

It is going to be an unforgettable experience to play in an arena like Las Ventas. It is special to play at home and more so in a place like this.
I'm thinking the defending champion US team, sans James Blake + Bob Bryan, will be doomed on the slow red clay of Las Ventas against the Matador...doomed I say!

(images via AP)


  1. Hey Rich, I just wrote something to the contrary about the U.S.'s chances! Maybe I've been inhaling too much liquid paper here at work, but I think they have a shot.

  2. Van: LOL - you HAVE been sniffing something over there! Look, Rafa needs to be one-legged and using a squash racquet for them to win. Plus, after reading that Rafa's top career wins in order were Davis Cup, then first Roland Garros, then Wimby, then Beijing I'd say he'll be ready to roll...

  3. I think Rafa's going to be fine, no question. But what about the other guys? That's a lot of pressure on Ferrer & Co. to come through, especially when there really hasn't been an instance of them doing it before. (Whew, I need some fresh air; I'm getting lightheaded!)

  4. suffice it to say a loss by spain in spain with the top baller on the team on clay against the US would be a huge, embarrassing upset...

    say no to *sniff, sniff*!

  5. if the US beat Spain with Rafa playing on red clay, in Spain, in a bullring no less, without a Bryan Brother...I would probably have to give up tennis entirely.

  6. So, ummm..., where are the showers in that stadium?
    You know, in case Rafa needs some help with the soap after he wins.

  7. b2012: LMAO! You're killing me...

    natch: OOC - gotta love it

  8. You're all OOC.

    How I would love to watch Nadal on the bullring. I'll be the bull. Oh yeah baby, stick me with that sword.

  9. [evil laugh] Mwahahahaha, Rafa is going to eat them alive, I say!!!

    Oh please, pretty please, let him be sleeveless one last time... I wanna see me those bulging muscles when he's fist pumping his ass off because of all the brilliant winners he's gonna hit...

    Oh no, wait!!! Let him be shirtless - period!!!

    OK I'm done now.

  10. I'm rooting for the USA,well praying! Andy has such a proud record in the DC & i'd love to see him get a win against Ferrer,if that's who he plays on Friday.
    Go Andy & USA!!

  11. Sonja I agree - i'm hoping to see sunny shoulders as long as possible!


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