Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Is Fernando's body carpet a true hairy situation?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

PHOTO OP: Is Fernando's body carpet a true hairy situation?

Fernando Gonzalez was spotted changing his t-shirt while working a super hairy torso in Antofagasta, Chile. The Chileans will battle the Australians in the Davis Cup play-offs this weekend.

I don't mind some body hair but his carpet seems like too much for me. I guess I need your help on this one people: is this a classic hairy situation or should we just let this slide since we're talking body hair?

Do tell!

(image via Getty)


  1. ewwwww. didnt know nando was hiding THAT.

  2. Is that really Gonzo? Totally doesn't look like him.

  3. yes indeedy - the body hair might be distracting you c note.

  4. That's usually, but not always, the price of a good head of hair.

    Nando, two words: Manscape.

  5. EW. That is definitely too much. There is no way us women have to accept a carpet like that and at the same time are forced to shave everything beneath our eyebrows.

    Who would've thought pretty Gonzo had such a situation goin' on? LOL

  6. mmm...i wanna bury my face in nando's man hair...yumm!!

  7. i rekon wax the tummy part leave the chest part with hair ..
    im totally in love with him so either way id still do him lol

    luv yu fernando


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