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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

PHOTO OP: Fed gets fired up, goes the distance against Igor

Roger Federer followed Novak Djokovic's lead and went the distance in his fourth round match at the US Open. The Swiss stylist battled a streaking Igor Andreev dropping the opening set but rallying for a 6-7 (5), 7-6 (5), 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 win.

Have you ever seen Fed so fired up like he was throughout the match yesterday? I loved it. In fact, it's what he's been missing in his matches this year. Let's hope this intensity continues because he'll most certainly need it.

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  1. I loved it. Loved HIM like this. I think he needed this "bad" year to wake up or something.

    Last night, he was driven and present. I didn't see him this alive even in Wimby final, did you?

  2. Yeah, he certainly didn't look as apathetic as in the last few matches!

    Haha, but those pictures are hilarious. He looks a bit like a child in a candy store: "I WANT THE BIGGEST LOLLIPOP!! IF I DON'T GET IT I'LL HOLD MY BREATH FOREVER!!!"

  3. babz - no not in the wimby final. plus, i've seen him get amped in a match maybe once this way, but not as much as he did yesterday. it was GREAT!

    sonja - LOL! hopefully he's figuring out that emoting in a positive way can help get you energized and focused actually. he deserves a Grand Slam lollipop for sure!

  4. You know, I actually thought that was a better match than the Wimby final, simply b/c of Roger's outbursts. sonja, you nailed it. My first thought after he broke Andreev was, "Is he having a temper tantrum?"
    He was even fired up during the changeovers. I really loved that Andreev took a bow at the end, and was proud of the way he played.

    I still don't see Fed beating Rafa, though. I will cheer for him, assuming he makes it to the final. I've got my "Come on, Roger. He's a punk and you're a legend." ready to yell if he needs it! (Only really old people like me will get that.) ;)

  5. He really would deserve a Grand Slam lollipop, Rich! Shaped like a racquet!

    But still, I can't deny what's in my heart. I gotta root for the punk, I just love him so much more. :-)

  6. The way Roger was playing he really needed to be emotional and pump himself up. He's been a step slower than his usual form all year and it's time he pushed himself more to get back on form and show those critics what a 12 time Grand Slam champion is made of. Forget Mr. Gracious Good Guy it's time to get mad, get pumped up, kick some ass Roger!


  7. That's what I'm saying Rich - sure that Wimby match was TEH GRRRREATEST EVAH and both he and Nadal played like there was no tomorrow, but he wasn't this (I have no other word for it) ALIVE. I think getting some emotions out during matches can be very helpful for him. At the very least, it's something new. Did anyone see Mirka getting very, very excited in her seat? Like she doesn't see this side of him very often either, but hoo does she like it. Suddenly the US Open gets even more exciting! :D

  8. agreed - it's just heating up y'all!

  9. i think that that match proved what a champion he was almost as much as all of his huge wins before it. go roger! <3


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