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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PHOTO OP: Fed bowled over by historic win, defeats Murray for fifth consecutive US Open title

Roger Federer surged to his 13th major title when he outplayed Brit baller Andy Murray 6-2, 7-5, 6-2 for his fifth consecutive US Open championship. He becomes the first baller in the Open Era to grab five consecutive wins in New York and the first in history to capture five consecutive wins at two different majors (Wimbledon, US Open) - wow.

The Swiss stylist was at his aggressive best hitting his trademark forehand into the corners, coming in behind second serve deliveries, and serving solidly as he did throughout the fortnight.

This championship run, in particular, was a sweet one for Fed after all the talk of his imminent demise. But the former no. 1 never got down despite all the questions:

I was always positive, you know. I knew that if things go my way, and this year hasn't always been the case. You know, I lost quite a few matches I should have never lost, and they hurt. Now, getting the fifth US Open, it really means a lot to me. I really thank the fans, as well, the crowds. They were great.

I mean, from the beginning, that's really what I was hoping for. And losing my No. 1 ranking, that's also what meant a lot to me this season. So to bounce back straightaway after losing the No. 1 ranking, this is the best scenario ever.

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  1. Yay for Roger!

    Can someone tells me how the ranking points for the rest of the year fall. And what will Nadal have to do to stay on top (which probably isn't much) and what will Federer have to do to get it by the end of the year (probably can't). Also what would Djoke have to do to get the no.2 ranking by the end of the year?

  2. I feel like all is right in the world again. Great achievement, Fed. 13 of the last 14 slam finals and 3 straight this year - talk about a model of consistency.

    Sarooq - check out usually post the rankings scenarios shortly after the slams wrap...

  3. Hurray, ROGER!!!! So happy for him.
    It makes sense that the 13th slam would be the hardest. . .

  4. Is it bad that I slept through 90% of the match?

    Congrats to Fed though.

  5. Here's the conversation I had with myself during the match:

    1st set
    I: Come on, Murray! Make this a match.
    Myself: Shut up! Roger is winning!

    2nd set
    I: Alright! Now Andy's in the match. You can do it, Andy!
    Myself: Come on, Roger! Do it in three! Whew! Thank god they didn't call that ball long.

    3rd set, 0-5, love-15
    I: Okay, I'm going to yell, "Alright Andy, you've got him right where you want him."
    Myself: You do and I'll yell, "Come on, Roger. He's a punk and you're a legend!"
    Me: Shut up the both of you! I'm trying to watch this match.

    Congratulations, Roger. I really didn't think you could win another slam because of your age. But I am so glad you did. I cried for both players. I'm so sorry for Murray, too, but now he has experience and knows what it takes to win a slam.

  6. natch: you're like soooo onto something here. duel personalities are a perfect match for tennis! love it.

    but are you sane today? no after effects??

  7. >>but are you sane today? no after effects??<<

    I: Shut up.
    Myself: What?
    Me: Who said that?, Rich. I'm perfectly fiiiiine today. *hands s-sh-shaking, body twitching*

    btw--thnx for all the Open and tennis in general posts. They Definitely give me a *fix* everyday.

  8. The Beauty of Tennis is back.


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