Google Down the Line!: Oh no it's another Djoko: Mare makes main draw debut in Bangkok

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh no it's another Djoko: Mare makes main draw debut in Bangkok

Brace yourselves people: the Djokovic Clan is looking to begin their full-scale invasion of the ATP Tour this week in Bangkok.

Nole is the top seed at the Thailand Open with a potential Aussie Open final rematch with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who comes in as the second seed. But here's the more intriguing news: Nole's brother Marko, the family's "Jan Brady", received a wild-card into Bangkok, his first main draw into a pro-tourney, and the two could meet in the quarterfinals.

Let's hope the Djoko's have learned from their past mistakes and put Mare in the PR machine (high, spin cycle please) before he starts spewing chunks of nonsense publicly too.

(image via Vince Caligiuri)


  1. Jan Brady, ha!

    "Nole, Nole, NOLE!"

    I can hear him already. :)

  2. Well, that leaves just Mom, Dad and littlest brother in the box so they will have to spell out J-A-N and cheer for him. Poor, poor Nole...

  3. LOL - good ones guys!

    andrea: he's the middle child, something i know lots about...

  4. He's so cute! I always look for him when Novak's playing the grand slams. Ana's brother's a hottie too. Keep your eye out for 'em. ;)

  5. Just like in movie Philadelphia "Somebody explain me this like im a 2 year old"
    How this guy is getting a straight wild card for a pro tournament when he is 3rd last in the serbian ranking and in the world is 1734!!!??
    Hooooowwww???? That its completely straight slap to other youngster on higher ranking than him.
    What ATP its doing? What is this? a Monarchy.
    My view once again is in the side of other players, not against Marko. Wild cards are give to kids that are doing ranking in the country of event, and thats not the situation in this sad

  6. Hmm...good point Uvijek. I guess the parents were at work already! "Let Marco in or Novak's staying home!"

    That's pure conjecture on my part, of course. Don't mean to smear poor Novak's name. But still - might suspicious, no?

  7. Uh oh! I dunno if the world can handle Marko! :P

  8. actually freakyfrites, those were my exact thoughts.

  9. They're both hot so I'm not complaining!

  10. Marko is adorable. I think he and Nole are playing doubles as well...?? need photos and/or livestreaming if possible. Stupid US TV.


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