Google Down the Line!: Mare demolished in main draw debut, looks to lose Jan Brady label

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mare demolished in main draw debut, looks to lose Jan Brady label

Marko Djokovic's ATP main draw debut went pretty much as expected: the 17-year old was pummeled by flying Finn Jarkko Nieminen 6-2, 6-0.

But Mare wasn't discouraged by the result of his first foray into the Big Boys Club:

Being here is amazing, playing in the ATP is a huge experience. I'm happy to play -- very, very happy.
And what does he think of the comparisons to big brother Nole?
Everyone expects me to be like him, they come to watch me play because I'm his brother. People have told me I play with the same technique as Novak. They say it's like watching him. My backhand is very similar to his. I'm trying to think like him, I've watched him all my life, but I'm also trying to be my own player. I want to be Marko, not Novak's brother.
Exactly Mare. Here's some advice from one Jan Brady to another: Be smart, learn from their mistakes, and find your own way. You'll be much better off and a lot happier in life.

At least that's what my therapist told me to do...

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  1. So, um...did he just say the equivalent of "Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA!"?

    *puts $20 in Rich's therapy sessions jar*

  2. natch: much thanks for the $$$ - could always use a cushion in this dour economy. me thinks he did pull a JB!

  3. Well, Rich, I am not a middle child, but it sounds like it isn't the funnest place to be.

    ...unless we're talking about being in the middle of Spain vs. Argentina!

  4. Natch your comment= yumm! Although I would get rid of quasimodo.

  5. Aww he's adorable, hope he wins some matches!


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