Google Down the Line!: JJ voted best dressed lady baller by some blatantly blind fans

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JJ voted best dressed lady baller by some blatantly blind fans

Jelena Jankovic has made her way to Tokyo for the Toray Pan Pacific as the tourney's top seed. But the Serb is still reminiscing about her time at the US Open where she made her first Grand Slam final:

I think once the disappointment from the defeat sets in, I will look back with happy memories for how the last two weeks went. To reach my first Grand Slam final after 5 semi finals is another step in the right direction for me.
JJ was also very busy with her sponsors during the fortnight including Reebok who made her custom dress with the help of a surprise designer:
Before the tournament started I was busy doing sponsor appearances and media. One of the highlights was a Reebok photo shoot at the top of the Empire Hotel. I was shot in my new Reebok dress and I got many compliments about it so I am happy for that! With my Mom I helped to design it so even if I didn't win the tournament people told me I was the best dressed player ;-)
Wait - who are these freaks that keep telling JJ she's the best dressed lady baller? They're making her think she's going in the right direction with these style experiments.

I have one word for them: glitter.

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  1. She just tries too hard when it comes to the glamour stuff. It doesn't seem natural with her.


  2. The headline made me spit out my coffee.

  3. C-Note, it was Coca Cola for me! Hilarous and so true.

  4. I think they told her she had the best body and it got lost in translation.

  5. yay! spitting up coffee + coke...i'm doing my job!!

    natch: so they're trying to get some, huh? pervs.

  6. Your basically right, Rich. Although, I think her US Open outfit was one of the best in the tournament, actually I can't think of the better one (Ivanovic's? -No. Serena's? -No...). Yeah, in general, I wouldn't call JJ the best dresser on the Tour, but somehow, I got used to her "style" and I wouldn't like her to change it for something "prettier". Don't you think so? Her style perfectly matches and accompanies her personality. It's somehow the whole package -- that can often make you laugh! :) But I see it as a good thing. Good luck in Tokyo JJ!

  7. marija: Yeah i'm just busting on JJ though her fashion and style can be abominable at times. At least the US Open dress wasn't Beijing bad, you know what I mean? All in all, it does reflect her personality, even the awful glitter. *gag*

    But you know I'm a sucker for Stella McCartney for adidas so I'm always eye-balling Maria Kirilenko, even though Aleksandra Wozniak has been working it too. But Maria always looks spot on to me. Shrieka's Nike US Open dresses were actually very pretty too.

  8. *rubs eyes*

    omg! I completely misread the entire post. I thought it was about all the stuff she wears to the NY events, not her court-wear. I actually liked her Open dress, but I usually hate the stuff I see her in at big events off court.

    Next time I will not drink before reading. Unless it's a special occasion and Rafa is involved...;)

  9. At this point, to me she's like the Barbie my 7 year old sister dressed.

    Did love that Open dress though - it's something I would wear. *cringe*

  10. I absolutely share your opinion about Kirilenko and Sharapova.

    And you know I'm a HUGE fan of Stella. I often visit her site, and just watch the clothes. :/ Many of them are not available in Serbia, and I don't believe online shopping is possible from Serbia (there are some country restrictions). And it's such a pity, it's 30% cheaper online than in our stores here! Oh Stella...send me something. :)

    My comment got a wrong turn, I started lamenting. :D

    Anyway, as I said, I often hate JJ's clothes (especially those off the court), but to be honest, I wouldn't like to see her in something classical, or "normal", I'm used to her glitter.


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