Google Down the Line!: Hurricane Anna hits Charlotte on Champions Tour - Dallas, you're next!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hurricane Anna hits Charlotte on Champions Tour - Dallas, you're next!

Jim Courier knows how to get people to watch older fogies chasing after fuzzy yellow balls hit by other older fogies - give 'em some Anna Kournikova.

The 4-time Grand Slammer is co-founder and promoter of the Outback Champions Series, where retired over 30 ballers can continue to stay competitive...oh, and continue to make a living off the sport.

So when Jim failed to secure two of his biggest draws, legends John McEnroe and Pete Sampras, for the Series stop in Charlotte his marketing mode kicked in (read: how can I still make a lot of cash outta this thing?) and he unleashed Hurricane Anna on the unsuspecting city:

...[Courier] tapped Anna Kournikova for a couple of mixed doubles exhibitions on Saturday. Bingo: both day and night sessions are sold out. Kournikova arrives early a.m. from her Miami home, hits the hotel for a cat nap, then strolls onto the still wet grounds at The Palisades, eyes glued to a Blackberry as a line of admirers waits at the entrance to center court.
The Series' next stop is in Dallas featuring the debut of Boris Becker to the tour, but in case fans aren't interested in ballers who actually won a tournament of some kind in their Hall of Fame careers Jim secured Anna for a two-event deal.

Anna on the Champions Tour - how perfect. Seriously, the fact that she can sell anything blows my freakin' mind.

Hey Anna: I'm trying to sell my apartment. How do you feel about doing open houses???

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  1. Rich - that is a rather gratuitous photo.


  2. he was on the show about models on mtv wasn't he? 8th and Ocean. I miss those sexy boys

  3. no worries - whenever i can help!

  4. LOL the guy in the back..."i'm pretty too!"

    honestly, i thought her fifteen minutes were up fifteen years ago?!


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