Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Rafa cut his locks but did he switch out his sneakers?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

FASHION FIX: Rafa cut his locks but did he switch out his sneakers?

Rafael Nadal was spotted working shorter, but still lovely, locks in his Davis Cup presser today. But his hair isn't the only thing new with the speedy Spaniard.

It looks like he's working some new style Nike trainers in Spain's colors which don't look like his fave Cages. Anyone have any word about this style (and remember: focus on the shoes ONLY people)?

(images via Getty)


  1. They're not cages? They look so close. I love them, I want them...

    (i'm a big help!)

  2. It's not that big a change, is it?

    Oh and by the way..does somebody know if he will be wearing something with or without sleeves? ^^

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...shorter shorts...

    What was that, Rich? Something about shoes...? Or cages...? Or being caged with Rafa wearing only shoes...????

    *runs to ebay to see if Rafa's hair is for sale*

  4. b2012: they don't look like cages because they usually have air bubbles along the back sole and heal and these don't.

    kiko: not sure what he's going to wear but if i were to guess i'd say sleeveless. he doesn't want to fix what's NOT least for now.

    natch: you so crazy!

  5. He cut the locks AGAIN?! *panicks*
    I really hope this is the farthest he'll go. Although I have to say it doesn't look THAT different.

    But the day he gets a real short haircut I'll stop watching tennis. I'll stop leaving the house. Does. Not. Go.

    Anyway, shoes... normally that's my topic, but I also think they look kinda similar to the cages.

    Also, since natch mentioned that cage fantasy I'm all dizzy. Rafa does bear resemblance to a caged tiger sometimes, when he paces the court with piercing eyes and flexing muscles. Oy.


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