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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FASHION FIX: Maria K's game falls but style rises in Tokyo

Maria Kirilenko
didn't have the tournament she was hoping for in Tokyo. The Russian was completely dismantled by Frenchie Marion Bartoli 6-2, 6-2 in the first round. Ouch.

At least Maria looked pretty while losing: she worked the Tennis Mesh Tank in light clay and the Tennis Skirt in chalk 2 both from the Fall 2008 adidas by Stella McCartney collection.

I'm loving the detailing including the buttons on the tank top and the duel-tiering and pleating of the flirty skirt. Plus, the silhouette is quite striking. But the color combo is pretty bland and completely whitewashes the Russian.

Overall a great look for Maria - she wears it very well.

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  1. If her game ever catches up to her look Ana and Maria better watch out.

  2. On a side note to this, I don't know how it is that Bartoli can keep winning. Her game is so ugly. I watched her a bit at USO and it seemed like she could hardly move. Yet she comes up with these dismantling scores, it's crazy.

    Back to the point, Maria does wear this look very well. She should add a little more color though, in my unfashionable opinion.

  3. b2012: I'm with you on the Marion Bartoli comment. But I think, when she's on, her groundies seem to be quite penetrating and deep which should do her well during the hardcourt indoor season. Her movement is obviously suspect but she can take time away and make the court seem really wide.

    I can't believe I'm talking so nicely about Bart! Somebody stop me!!

  4. I love how you call Marion, Bart! I saw her at the US Open and my friend who enjoys tennis, but is by no means an avid fan, was like, "What is THAT?!" Her game looks awkward on TV, but in person, it just looks downright painful.

  5. Love Maria's outfit! Really classy and yet fresh and stylish. Also: still sporty enough, unlike some outfits (eg. of the other Maria, may I remind you of the sparkly little black dress at USO some time ago? hello, is this the Grammy's?!).

    On the Bartoli thing: She has got the weirdest serve I've ever seen. How she can be a professional sportswoman is a complete mystery to me.
    But she's a total no-go for me anyway since all the Rafa hating. >(

  6. I like Bartoli - she is a quirky eccentric person who does her own thing. Who needs another femme-bot when you can have an overweight, two-handed forehand, Federer-obsessed Frenchwoman who doesn't give a rat's ass what anyone else thinks? It makes tennis interesting. Love it.

    And I still don't understand why Adidas wastes their best clothing designs on Maria K. Is it contractual or what? Rich, do you have any idea why they don't put the Stella stuff on someone more well known (who might actually be around in the second weekend of a grand slam?)

  7. FF: Yes it's contractual. Here's the release on the partnership:

    I would guess they believed she would be doing much better on the tour then she has so far - not that she can't still do better. But she's really attractive as well so that never hurts!

    I've seen Aleksandra Wozniak wearing the duds this season but I don't know why a bigger profile baller isn't wearing the collection. I wonder if Stella herself has a big say about who will wear her it - and who knows how much she knows about tennis.

  8. Ah, thanks Rich. It does seem to be an exclusive deal. But I bet it's up for renewal soon so we'll see if Ana gets it (assuming Ana doesn't continue the slide down the rankings.)

  9. I posted about my prayers for Ana to wear this collection if she's still with them next season but they haven't been answered just yet.

    I'll let you know if my call has been answered to the adidas gods!


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