Google Down the Line!: Beautiful Bolelli banned by Italian federation - US passport in the works

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beautiful Bolelli banned by Italian federation - US passport in the works

Simone "the Beautiful" Bolelli has been banned from any and all of Italy's national team events, including Davis Cup and the Olympics, for skipping out on his country's Davis Cup tie against Latvia this weekend. The 45th-ranked baller will also be denied any wild cards assigned for select tourneys by their federation. Ouch.

In his defense, Simone argued he advised Davis Cup team captain Corrado Barrazzutti well in advance of his intentions to skip the tie to work on his fast-court game in Asia to no avail.

Poor Beautiful Bolelli. Just look at that face - how could you Italy?

No worries Simone - come to the US. We have plenty of open spots for good ballers here...believe me.


  1. ouch!! he can come here, I'll take care of him. I mean yes, we'll take good care of him here in the US!

    he is beautiful. I saw him finally this year up close and left with a big smile on my face...

  2. yes b2012 - he's gorge-orama!!!

  3. wow thats harsh. overreacted.

  4. Yeah, that's pretty rough. Male Italian tennis players seem to make the news for all the wrong reasons. What's going on?

  5. andrea: very harsh for sure

    van: that's true didn't occur to me until i read your comment. coincidence or conspiracy???


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