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Monday, August 11, 2008


Juan Martin del Potro - LA

I'm thinking Juan Martin has realized it feels much better to win than to lose - and he likes it.

The 19-year old won his third consecutive tournament in less than a month defeating Andy Roddick 6-1, 7-6(2) at the Countrywide Classic and entering the top 20 for the first time (world no. 19). He'll surely be one-to-watch in New York and has become a dark horse for the US Open championship with this title.

A great win for the Argentine but another huge setback for A-Rod. The American baller was the sole top-tenner in the draw with the next highest seed being Fernando Verdasco who sits at world no. 13 this week.

Seriously, if he couldn't stroll to this hard court title with the best ballers in Beijing what are his chances at any major from now on?

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  1. Yeah, I agree. This was a tournament Andy should have won. He had a cakewalk draw until Del Potro, and didn't even have to start playing until Thursday. JMDP didn't have a first round bye and played doubles deep into the week, too.

    Not sure what Andy's trying to do right now. Maybe Darren Cahill's right and he should just take the rest of the year off to improve his game. . .

  2. I think Roddick has seen his best days. Honestly he doesn't seem like tennis provides any sort of fun whatsoever anymore. and this last tournament should have been easy as pie.

  3. I was thinking about this: What good would have even come of winning this tournament as far as preparation for the Open goes? He beats up on a few scrubs here, but how does that help him when he's playing top-tenners?

    He needs a new coach, and I think the best person for him would be Darren Cahill.

  4. he had his best result with brad gilbert but he would never go back - which is a shame because brad gave him a game that played up his strengths: big serving, first strike, close at the net

    don't know if darren's looking for another gig but he'd be good too. anyone but his brother - ANYONE

  5. I don't really think Del Potro is a favorite for the open just yet. The US OPEN Series winner maybe. It's his first hardcourt title and his only majoy competition was Andy Roddick who choked. Still a great win for the sexy Del Potro.

  6. not a favorite but certainly a dark horse considering the amount of matches and tourneys he's won in the last month...more than you could say for a lot of the top ballers right now.

    i don't agree that a-rod choked. j. martin beat a-rod the way everyone beats a-rod: get the serve back, get him into a long rally. the argentine's groundies are much more solid and penetrating. ballers in the top 25 all believe they can take him out and carry that belief on the court when they face a-rod. it's become routine in a way.

  7. freakyfrites Delpo had a firts round Bye as well, he was the third seed...
    I'm so happy for Juan, he is such a ncie guy... and works really hard... I hope he can do at the Open...


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