Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Warming up with shirtless Tommy Haas

Thursday, August 28, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Warming up with shirtless Tommy Haas

The ATP has launched a new section on their site called "ATP Form & Fitness" that covers different baller's physical training methods, drills & tactics, injury management, and nutrition.

In one of my fave videos shirtless wonder Tommy Haas, who'll face Gilles Muller in the US Open second round, shows us some of the warm-up drills he's using in New York involving footwork shuffles, football throwing, and of course lots o' skin. Drool much?

Check it:

(video via ATP)


  1. *thud*


    It's a death match between us for his love!!!!!

    btw, I think you can hear my voice in the background of that video...hey, what is this? A restraining order? ;)

  2. I don't wanna even know what just *thudded*.

    His body is so ridiculous - the stalkeratti aka you are out in full force. Can I be that football? Or at least some part of me?? *thud, thud*


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