Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: To the the the the right goes Rafa

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: To the the the the right goes Rafa

Rafael Nadal and coach Uncle Toni are featured in this Nike video shot during his championship run at Wimbledon talking about Rafa's incredible ability to play tennis left handed while doing everything else with his right hand.

The piece shows the incoming no. 1 performing a few moves, including writing and shooting darts, with his right hand and then his left. Which way do you think he performs best? Like, duh.

BTW - the video is in Spanish. To watch the video with English subtitles, click here.

Cool video. Check it:


  1. The expression on his face when he is writing with his left hand is really funny! He's so adorable! ^^

  2. usually he really blushes hard when asked about what all of his abilities are with his left hand...

  3. Oh no Barcelona, you've got my mind going into overdrive.

    I don't know why, but after watching that vid I feel like I need a moment alone with my laptop and the video on loop.

  4. do what you gotta do babz...

  5. YAY Rich you rock for featuring this!!! Saw it on Youtube couple of days ago and loved it.

    He's so cute and funny, and it's adorable how Uncle Toni keeps cracking up. BTW, I found the toothbrushing scene SO SEXY - call me crazy.

    And oh my, B2012, what a thought... o_O
    Those gifted hands..... drool.


  6. I just realized, they cut the toothbrushing scene out of this clip. But there's a longer one somewhere including it.
    Must see! :-)


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