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Monday, August 25, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: A-Rod does Nole good

Okay fine - not exactly the way I'd always imagined it. But Andy Roddick does get a measure of revenge on Novak Djokovic and his notorious baller impressions during Arthur Ashe Kids' Day at the US Open. Good stuff!

Check it:

(video via


  1. LMAO!! "12 hours a day..."
    Those guys are hilarious...

  2. oh the visuals...i can't stand it...*sigh*

  3. That's wasn't funny, that was awkward! Seriously, is a dick measuring contest really Kid's Day appropriate?

    I can see why Andy isn't Mr. Popular in the locker room. . .

  4. "Seriously, is a dick measuring contest really Kid's Day appropriate?"

    It's always appropriate FF. In fact, my services are always available.

  5. Andy is very popular in the locker room, I don't know what you're talking about Freakyfrites. You need to get a sense of humor, Andy and Nole looked like they were having fun and the crowd loved it! - sheila

  6. Ha! Well it looks like Roddick's the one to beat.

    (That pun was so easy, it almost wasn't intended.)

  7. they had a good spontaneous laugh on each others account... being cool and casual. and kids loved it. thats only thing that matters. as nole says: "its all a show".

  8. the first time I saw Novak do his Roddick impression was in Montreal and I was video taping it - and I had to stop because i was laughing so damn hard my camera was shaking. I think it's the best in his bag of tricks. I though Roddick's response was a bit much - it was turning a bit uncomfortable...


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