Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Fed, Maria, Pete + Johnny Mac show "Courage" in new Nike spot

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Fed, Maria, Pete + Johnny Mac show "Courage" in new Nike spot

Nike just released a new commercial as part of their global "Courage" campaign which is associated with the Beijing Olympics.

The spot combines the Human Race running event for August 31, the new Hyperdunk sneaker, and 20 years of the iconic "Just Do It" campaign. The Killers track "All These Things I've Done" serves as the anthem for this commercial - nice.

Tennis superstars Roger Federer + Maria Sharapova make appearances along with classic clips of legends Pete Sampras + John McEnroe.

Doesn't get better than this - check it:


  1. About 45 to 48 seconds in, the spot also has Pete tossing his cookies at the '96 Open. Glad to see him getting some love, too!

  2. ah yes - let me add him in!

  3. Very engaging. I watched a few times and there's a lot of tennis in there. 2 clips of Roger (one that great moment when he collapsed at the deciding shot of the 07 Wimb) And I'm pretty sure I saw Martina N. in there, is she Nike too? Fun. Surprising no Rafa, though, unless this is the "retro" image selection and Nike says Rafa is the future....

  4. yeah there's so much to look at in this ad - i watched it a few times actually because you can see something new each time


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