Google Down the Line!: US Open quick hits: Lleyton, Tati, Fed, Rafa and some good eats

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

US Open quick hits: Lleyton, Tati, Fed, Rafa and some good eats

The US Open news just keeps on coming. Here are more quick hits about the final Slam:

  1. Blame Hewitt's hip - Former champion Lleyton Hewitt officially withdrew today from the US Open + Davis Cup after undergoing arthroscopic hip surgery. Retirement, though, is not on table.

  2. Tati takes a pass - Tatiana Golovin also withdrew today siting a naggging back injury. Tati hasn't played a match since losing in Berlin's first round back in May.

  3. Fed's final stand? - Former Deadspinner (its founding editor, actually) peeks into the world that is Roger Federer and his final attempt to salvage, by his monstrous standards, and awful season at the US Open

  4. Cloning Rafa - Can the USTA's new Saddlebrook-based player development program, headed by Patrick McEnroe, create an American Nadal who could actually win in New York? (Thanks NY mag + reader vs346c for the tip.)

  5. Good eating at the Open - Spiaggia's Tony Mantuano is launching Wine Food Bar located at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center's South Plaza. The food will be comprised of tastes from around the Mediterranean with the spot resembling a Spanish tapas bar. Yum!
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  1. Hey Rich!

    I hope the tapas bar means that there will finally be something decent to eat at the Open! Their selections are pretty horrendous.

    BTW, that article about Fed is pretty bogus - as if that exo with Pete Sampras has anything to do with he crap season.

  2. yeah it sounds really promising - prob overly priced but yummier than anything else there.

    he's the guys that got slammed by buzz bussinger on "costas now" when they discussed sports blogs. i think his point is he started to focus more on outside interests, took his eye off the ball so to speak, and needs to get back to the basics. in that regard, i agree.

    but i wouldn't say one specific event caused his bad season. bad seasons's how these ballers recover that tells the tale for me.

  3. tapas!! I'm there! :D Although only if I have enough pennies left after buying crepes...

  4. What's with James and the salami?! LOL
    Weird story... sounds like summer camp again to me, hehe.

  5. Oh I posted in the wrong article - that was actually supposed to reply to Wednesday netcords... :D


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