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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SIGHTING: A tale of two Tommys - who's hotter?

A handsome Tommy Haas was spotted signing autographs for lucky fans after his big 5-set win over Frenchie headcase Richard Gasquet in the US Open first round.

And, thanks to DtL reader Isa again for tipping me off to the sexy German baller giving some other lucky fans a shirtless show during a practice session over the weekend:

I can't tell which Tommy is hotter - help!

(image via Getty,


  1. You need help for this? I'd think he'd be the one who needs help if any one of us ever get to him...

  2. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    I've been at his every practice session so far this week. When he does his shirt change, it takes 6 security guards to keep me off him! ;)

  3. Obviously the shirtless sweaty one...

  4. I'm representing the minority opinion, I know, but he just does nothing for me. Too perfect looking, maybe? He's a Brad Pitt type, and I'm a Clooney kind of gal.

    But I'm sure he's too into Natch to give me the time of day, anyway! :)

  5. both !!! luck for him i'm stucked at my desk in brussels ;-)

  6. Will Tommy now qualify as a headcase after his latest 5-set bullshit antics?

    For you he may be a tease in the photos, I think for fans (and folks like me who pick him in tipping comps), he is a tease. How to lose and un-loseable match - well he can now be a co-author of that book with Andy Roddick.

  7. Len: I'll give you that one for sure. He can be and didn't do himself any favors by his behavior during his match against Gilles.


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