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Monday, August 4, 2008

SIGHTING: Rafa greeted by media circus in Beijing airport

The ballers have begun making their long journeys to Beijing for the opening of the Olympic Games this week.

Soon-to-be world no. 1 Rafael Nadal arrived in the Chinese capital from LA working a pink shadow-striped Nike polo and surrounded by throngs of media, fans and of course the ever-present stalkeratti (most likely hoping for a Rafisca sighting.)

He was joined by his doubles partner Tommy Robredo on this trip. The pair will also be staying in the Olympic Village unlike some other ballers.

Click here for video of their arrival - it's nuts!

(image via ATP Tennis Blog courtesy of Getty)


  1. Poor Tommy! Talk about taking a backseat!

    That's cool they're planning on staying in the village. Hope it's not too crazy for them there—or for Rafa, at least: He's the true medal contender.

  2. yeah in the video Tommy looks like he's about to get mowed down - he's in front of Rafa like a bumper or body guard!

    umm - i would think staying in the Olympic Village would be part of the whole experience but Fed has more important things on his well-coiffed mind then pin trading. to each his own i suppose...

  3. Pin trading! Love it.

    Glad to see Rafa putting his English skills to good use, although he should probably start working on the always useful phrase "Get out of my god$amned way, you crazy bas#ards or I'll run over your asses with this motherf#*king luggage cart (or Kia, French Open trophy, etc.)!"

    Works for me every time.

  4. LOL freakyfrites.

    *sigh* I love me a man who's not afraid to wear pink. Seriously, one of my ex wouldn't, just WOULD NOT wear any shade of pink - no matter how much it complements his skin. I mean what's with "man fear" of wearing pink?

  5. i know i love pink - and it's just a color.

  6. If he has to wear this ugly Nike stuff?

  7. Really not afraid to wear pink - many off-court photos of Rafa pretty in pink, like this one from last month golfing in Mallorca (Nike, again):

    Though, he seems to be an equal opportunity colour chooser - he can be as frequently seen in shades of grey when informal (Et & KEEP THEM FLYING):

    See how those two (at a joint presser 2 years ago) differently understood casual - scruffy as opposed to nerdy.


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