Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: James + John hit up Men's Vogue party

Monday, August 25, 2008

SIGHTING: James + John hit up Men's Vogue party

James Blake and longtime musician-friend John Mayer were spotted at a party thrown for the American baller by Men's Vogue.

Okay, talk about a hot shot. But seriously, who dressed James? I thought this was a party. I think John's thinking the same thing. Shameless!

(image courtesy of Patrick McMullen via


  1. Yeah, James looks great - but more board room than party appropriate.

  2. To his credit, Blake looked really sharp there. Maybe he thought, "well it is Men's Vogue.."

  3. don't get me wrong he looks good - just not for a men's vogue party.

    does anyone think john looks friggin' hot here? i'm wondering what blake would look like in john's outfit. must. stop. now.

  4. I wouldn't know what the appropriate outfit is for Men's Vogue Rich. All I know is that is one awesome profile from James.

    Ugh one of my friends ruined Mayer for me. He cheapened it :( On the other hand, totally digging the shaved head.

  5. Pure elegance. A world-class tennismeister in classic suit in the finest of fabrics.

    Matte gun metal grey, slightly purplish tinged tie enhance already gorgeous coloring.

    So much is left to the imagination.

    Oh stop. It's freaking Men's Vogue. I wonder what shoes James is wearing. What I'd really like to see is the belt over those finely clad hips. Oh stop.


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