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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SIGHTING: Fed takes the practice court - so what's with the agitation?

An agitated-looking Roger Federer, who opted out of staying in the Olympic Village this time, took to the practice court at the Olympic Green Tennis Center in Beijing. Could the infamous pollution be getting to him here?

Anyway, the soon-to-be world no. 2 will be carrying the flag for the Swiss delegation during the opening ceremonies which also coincides with his 27th birthday. And, according to Olympic tradition "whenever it's an athlete's birthday, a simple birthday party will always be thrown and a special present given to the birthday man/woman."

So, will Fed at least grace the Olympic Village with his presence for this celebration? Swiss delegation head Werner Augsburger wouldn't comment.

Strange doings all around...

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  1. Lurker Anon says...
    They're making a big deal out of Roger not living in the Olympic Village and stuff...I think that's his personal choice and it might help him do well in the Olympics since there will be no distractions...Then again, he might need the change in routine since his old one apparently isn't getting him anywhere. Staying with his countrymen might give him that extra umph to win the Olympics...That's the difference I see between the future number 1 and 2...Rafa's goal in this Olympics is more Nationalistic than personal, he's here to try and win a medal for Spain. Meanwhile, Roger seems to view this more as a personal goal and bringing honor to his country would just be icing on the cake.
    I guess that's why one is having more fun than the other :p


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