Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Battle of the two Marats - who's hotter?

Monday, August 25, 2008

SIGHTING: Battle of the two Marats - who's hotter?

A super-sexy Marat Safin was spotted taking part in tonight's US Open 40th anniversary celebration during the major's opening ceremony. Also, thanks to reader Isa from Belgium who sent in the right image of the shirtless brigade member getting in some practice over the weekend.

Hmmm - not sure which way Marat looks the hottest - clothed or not? I guess we can't complain either way. *swoon*

(image via Getty + Isa)


  1. *Why* do you this to me Rich.

    I'll take both. Check!

  2. Me and my friend were both swooning over these pictures the whole day at work today *drool*

  3. Clothed. He looked so hot last nite as he strolled out.

  4. Rich, I can't believe it, but I did almost the same exact post this morning. And I swear I didn't look here first!

    Guess we both had hunky Russian on the brain - it's understandable, right?

  5. FF no worries! of course - Marat's hot what can a blogger do??? Share the wealth!!

  6. Holy crap, I can't say I was too much into Marat before, but dang the man is HOTT on that left picture.

    And so tanned ......

  7. Wow. That's a whole lot of yummy all the way around there. I vote for the clothed one! No wait, the other! Well, can't have too much of a good thing now can we?

  8. do i really have to choose? bcoz i want both thank u.


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